License an Image

Images are available to license for a variety of uses. Images can be licensed as high resolution image files or archive quality digital prints. To use an image from they must first be licensed for a specific predefined use. Client must identify how, where and to what extent an image will be used before it can be licensed.

Fees are based on requested usage. Client is typically granted one-time usage rights and must follow conditions for use. Client is not purchasing the image itself – only a license to use an image. You may not edit or alter the licensed image in any way. Client must also ensure the copyright identification of Gerry Bahl and

Images may not be used as a trademark, for unlawful purposes, to defame any person, to infringe on privacy, to break any copyright or trade name of any person or entity. The license granted is non-transferable. Any project produced using the image must be for clients own use or their direct employer, or customer, who must be the end user of the work. reselling or licensing of images is forbidden.